Saturday, 26 January 2013

I could totally make that!

Hi there!

This blog is for everyone who's fascinated at how I somehow have the magical ability to do 83947398741 different things in my 'spare time'. I always made sure I plan to create something for myself with my time since it's so intensely satisfying.

(That, and the fact that my priorities seriously need a raincheck.)

I'll be posting whatever DIY I come up with, whether it's food (highly unlikely, the food will be gone before I have time to take a photo and also I DO NOT want to fall into that cliche of Asians taking photos of food...), fashuuuuuuun, sewing, crocheting, knitting, home making...the works.

Also! Jessica (kumarachip) will be accompanying me to fill in the days I can't blog. Be nice to her, she's crazier than myself...(if it starts with 'pimp', it's from Jess).

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