Saturday, 16 February 2013

Project: Pimp Your Folders

Hello hello! February is halfway through and already I am impossibly busy, there are just too many things I want to do! 

January's Dress on Katherine
Anyway, the mandatory school starting pimp your folder has taken an African theme this year, completely unintentionally of course. I started off with this awesome zip up folder my mum bought from the warehouse.

The lighting is awful, but all in the spirit of last minute.
A pretty good steal for 3 dollars! Unfortunately, skulls aren't really my thing. I used this pretty embellished ribbon to cover it up.

In case you're wondering what it looks like  inside...

Weekly organiser from
Yes I print one every week!
 Also, I'm working on a 'snakeskin' type textured folder. I'm painting it with this fantastic caramel (and sparkly!) nailpolish I have 10 bottles of...

FInally, here's the tribal print folder I did at te beginning of the year.

Still 4 more folders to go! I'll probably give them away as presents (friends, this is a cue to start hinting.)